2021 World Rowing Indoor Championships


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Under 19 Women (2000m)

It is no longer possible to enter in this race category.

In this race category there are 22 spots for the final of which are 12 open and 10 for continental qualifiers (2 per continent).

Due to the timing of the Americas Continental Qualifier event (6-7 February 2021), there will be a delay between the close of the qualification period and the updating of results from that qualifier event onto this results page. Finalists for each event will be contacted directly to notify them of their place in the Final of the WRICH.

Open Qualification

Rank Country Athlete Score
1. GER Frederike Föster 07:04.6
2. BLR Anastasiya Rusak 07:05.1
3. AUS Elena Moran 07:12.5
4. NED Marg van der Wal 07:13.1
5. NED Anna Menke 07:14.1
6. CZE Zuzana Pazourková 07:17.6
7. DEN Sofie Hæk 07:19.1
8. SUI Lina Kühn 07:20.5
9. EST Doris Meinbek 07:22.2
10. RUS Ekaterina Motyleva 07:25.6
11. GBR Poppy Jones 07:26.1
12. RUS Anastasiya Egorova 07:27.1
Non-qualified entries
13. CAN Katie Sierhuis 07:31.4
14. HKG Poon O Yu 07:41.2
15. HUN Sándor Zsófia 07:47.3
Rank Country Athlete Score
16. CAN Leah Ross 07:52.7
17. AUS Kirra Cameron 07:58.3
18. HUN Angyal Zsófia 08:58.1

Continental Qualification


Country Athlete Score
TUN Abdelaziz Aicha 07:13.8
RSA Saskia Steltman 07:19.9


Country Athlete Score
CAN Ellie Sousa 07:16.8
USA Ella Barry 07:16.9


Country Athlete Score
INA Anggi Widiarti 07:33.4
IND Avinash Kaur 07:39.6


Country Athlete Score
GBR Meg Knight 07:04.2
GBR Alice Baker 07:06.4


Country Athlete Score
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