2021 World Rowing Indoor Championships


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Lightweight Men (500m)

It is no longer possible to enter in this race category.

In this race category there are 20 spots for the final of which are 10 open and 10 for continental qualifiers (2 per continent).

Due to the timing of the Americas Continental Qualifier event (6-7 February 2021), there will be a delay between the close of the qualification period and the updating of results from that qualifier event onto this results page. Finalists for each event will be contacted directly to notify them of their place in the Final of the WRICH.

Open Qualification

Rank Country Athlete Score
1. FRA Adrien Decriem 01:24.0
2. ITA Martino Goretti 01:24.5
3. BEL Alexander Chklar 01:25.5
4. PYF Damien Wild 01:25.7
5. DEN Bergur Robert Dam Jensen 01:26.3
6. GBR Kieran Berry 01:26.4
7. GER Axel Oschmann 01:26.6
8. POL Przemysław Wilk 01:26.7
9. GBR Ashley Cowley 01:26.8
10. EGY Ahmed Khaled Mohamed Abdelaal 01:27.8
Non-qualified entries
11. TUN Mateur Abdalah 01:28.2
12. HUN Zsolt Darvas 01:28.4
13. GBR Ralph Ellison 01:29.8
Rank Country Athlete Score
14. ALG Mohammed Belhadj Boucif 01:31.0
15. RSA Rodger Hill 01:31.8
16. USA Michael Meehan 01:35.5
17. CAN George Bryan-Orr 01:37.2
18. KUW Sayed Mahdi Hayad 01:37.5
19. KUW Sulaiman Almosawi 01:38.2
20. USA Reuben Latigo 01:38.5
21. KUW Hussain Abdulkareem 01:43.0

Continental Qualification


Country Athlete Score
EGY Mohamed Alaa Mohamed Elsayed Mohamed Kota 01:24.2
ALG Boudina Sid Ali 01:24.9


Country Athlete Score
USA Jeff Wolff 01:26.7


Country Athlete Score
IND Ravi Ravi 01:26.8
HKG Choi Kwan Chak 01:27.2


Country Athlete Score
ESP José Daniel Martínez López 01:24.0
GBR Gregor Hall 01:24.1


Country Athlete Score
AUS Benjamin Smith 01:19.9
AUS William Legge 01:25.0