2023 World Rowing Indoor Championships

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40-44 Men (2000m)

It is no longer possible to enter in this race category.

This race category is scheduled for .

The costs for entering in this race category are CAD 33.55.


Country Athlete
CAN Lars Bredahl (40)
CAN Michael Carmichael (44)
CAN Justin Cecchini (40)
CAN Mark Crichton (44)
CAN Graham Doody (44)
CAN Poorya Ferdowsi (42)
CAN Scott Glover (40)
CAN Steven Payne (40)
CAN David Teutenberg (41)
CAN Craig Thompson (40)
CAN Christopher Zizek (42)
GBR Jim Berriman (41)
GBR Richard Purdy (41)
GBR Matthew Rea (40)
GBR Lawrence Ross (41)
GBR Michael Smith (41)
GBR James Wade (40)
GBR Peter Williams (44)
MEX Ulises Ulises Noel García Ramírez (42)
POR Ricardo Abrantes de Paula (42)
USA Dylan Dragswiek (44)
USA Matt Mcclellan (44)
USA Lorne Nelson (43)