2023 World Rowing Indoor Championships

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19-20 Men (2000m)

It is no longer possible to enter in this race category.

This race category is scheduled for .

The costs for entering in this race category are CAD 33.55.


Country Athlete
CAN Trevor Andrews (20)
CAN Harrison Cormier (19)
CAN Nicholas Garcia (19)
CAN Matthew Glenn (20)
CAN Jacob Lohrenz (20)
CAN James Rourke (19)
CAN Julian Sudac (19)
CAN Luke Sullivan (19)
CAN Everett Vitols (20)
CAN Yaniek Wensvoort (20)
COL Johann Loewenstein Millan (20)
EGY Kamal Elboghdady (20)
URU Newton Seawright (20)
USA Liam Jenkins (20)
USA Simon Katkov (19)