2024 World Rowing Indoor Championships

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50-54 Women (500m)

It is no longer possible to enter in this race category.

This race category is scheduled for .

The costs for entering in this race category are EUR 50.00.


Country Athlete
EST Malle Lüdimois (52)
FIN Piia Auranen (50)
FRA Monique Perottino (51)
FRA Marion Pestourie (51)
GBR Kirsty Joisce (50)
GER Kerstin Kastner (52)
GER Ulrike Köhler-Blaske (54)
GER Annika Lörges (50)
GER Sybille Meier (53)
GER Inken Passe (53)
HUN Kiss Kata (51)
ITA Paola Baruchelli (52)
NOR Benita Clausen (52)
SRB Potkonjak Dragana (52)
SRB Vušković Dragana (50)
USA Rachel Egner (54)