2024 World Rowing Indoor Championships

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55-59 Men (500m)

It is no longer possible to enter in this race category.

This race category is scheduled for .

The costs for entering in this race category are EUR 50.00.


Country Athlete
CZE Ondřej Tejnecký (56)
DEN Lars Olsen (57)
FRA Ludovic Aventin (55)
FRA Xavier Malinowski (55)
GBR Terence (Terry) Cowan (57)
GBR Andy Parkes (55)
GBR Paul Sanderson (56)
GBR Anthony Walpole (55)
GER Matthias Mayer (58)
GER Dirk Möller (57)
GER Axel Zimmermann (55)
GRE Dimitrios Vastarouchas (56)
IRL Niall ODonnchu (58)
ITA Alessandro Ambrosetti (57)
ITA Marco Ambrosetti (57)
ITA Massimo Bevacqua (58)
ITA Andrea Sermoneta (55)
NOR Ole Kristian Karlsen (59)
POR Manuel Goncalves (58)
USA Andrew Benko (56)