2024 World Rowing Indoor Championships

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65-69 Men (500m)

It is no longer possible to enter in this race category.

This race category is scheduled for .

The costs for entering in this race category are EUR 50.00.


Country Athlete
CZE Stanislav Veřtát (66)
ESP Joseba Saies Alzua (65)
FIN Ali Kela (67)
FRA Patrice Chagot (69)
FRA Jeff Janeau (68)
FRA Ladire Jean-Baptiste (69)
FRA Denis Pelliccia (66)
GBR Raymond McAvoy (66)
GBR Paul Winton (67)
HUN Torma Gabor (69)
PUR Christopher del Rey (65)
SWE Göran Andersson (67)
UKR Mykhailo Vergeles (67)
USA Bill Donnell (65)